Choosing a Gourmet Chocolate to Give as a Gift

Chocolates are one of the luxurious, delicious and much appreciated gifts. It is said that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and it also unlocks desires. So how can anyone not want chocolates as a gift?

Lindt, the crown jewel of chocolates, has its reasons, for -no doubt – being the world’s favourite chocolate producers. It comes in many, mouth watering varieties including boxes of white, milk and dark chocolate truffles, creamy dessert inspired chocolate slabs and the dark chocolate slab collection that includes hints of sea salt, chilli or caramel and more. The sweet-bitter taste of the smooth cocoa complements the tiny grains of salt that melt away on your tongue. This might sound quite strange but once you have tasted it you will clearly know why it is becoming popular so quickly.

If you prefer something with a bit of an eccentric shape, Guylian is suggested. It was founded in Belgium in 1960. This brand’s signature is seashell-moulded shape pralines. It has managed to create a great international presence with thousands of exports. Its outer coating is marbled white and milk chocolate while the centre is a creamy, smooth and rich textured milk chocolate.

Perugina is an Italian confectionary that has been around since 1907. Their Baci chocolate is what they are famous for. It is hazelnut-filled truffle kisses wrapped in a love note. Perfect for your better half. Nestlé’s European Chocolates division acquired Perugina and also includes the brands Quality Street and After Eight.

Michel Richart is the owner and chocolatier of the family business ‘Richart’. There are seven unique flavours to choose from including classic roasted, fruity and the more eccentric and creative herbal and floral flavours. Each line crafted to perfection. It has no centre fillings, so if someone is not very fond of surprises these would be ideal.

NOKA Chocolate has a passion for top quality chocolate. They are known as some of the most expensive chocolate on the market. They describe their chocolates as being single-estate, “vintage”, dark chocolate truffles and pieces. If you really want to give someone a gift they can melt away on, NOKA chocolate is a perfect and luxurious choice.

John Neuhaus, a pharmacist whose bitter chocolate and liquorice was designed to relieve painful symptoms soon became a hit and soon the store started to offer sweet, taste bud-tantalizing pralines that can be purchased in fifty countries. Definitely worth trying if liquorice is on their “like” list.

There you have it- a whole collection of mouth watering quality chocolate that will be more than gladly accepted as a gift.

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